The Cost Of Commuting (Infographic)

The cost of commuting is more than just the price of gas. There are other factors at work when it comes to how you choose to get to and from work. There are those that think a long commute is unavoidable. After all, the average American commutes for nearly an hour a day. Unfortunately, after […]

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Used

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I am a huge fan of buying used. Buying something used saves money and gives the item a second chance. There are items, however, that you should insist on buying new. 5 Things To Buy New Mattress I understand that new mattresses can be expensive. I […]

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Reel Lawnmower

Reel Lawnmowers are the Real Deal

Spring is here. The days are longer, the trees are blooming, and your grass could use its first trim of the year. You wake up early to be sure and beat the heat. You catch yourself being a little excited to give your yard a haircut. You pull out the mower to awaken it from […]

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